Introduction to Professional Services

In the fast evolving world of IT infrastructure, the importance of the correct hardware in your business, is equalled if not becoming outweighed by the critical nature of supporting software and policies. For example, cyber security threats and ever-increasing regulatory compliance are now the leading factors in deciding how a network is configured, made resilient and protected. Ultimately the integrity of your infrastructure directly affects the integrity of your data, so the policies you employ with your business around data protection, compliance and security may well end up defining the hardware you use.

Xenesis Professional Services offers advice on all these inter-related topics to ensure you consider all the potential impacts when setting up a new, or expanding an existing infrastructure.

The self-assessment to help organisations protect against common cyber-attacks. to review the current security set-up of your company & our services include

  • User Education and Awareness
  • User Access Control
  • Secure configuration of systems
  • Home and mobile working
  • User Access Control
  • Secure configuration of systems
  • Proactive Monitoring of your Network
  • Malware Protection
  • Network Security
  • Risk Management
  • Vulnerability Testing